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Information for Parents, Teachers, and Advisors

Maybe the kids in your life love to bury their heads under the hood. Maybe they like puzzles, fixing problems, and using their minds as much as their hands. Maybe they’re a budding entrepreneur or have a head for finance. Whatever their passion and wherever it comes from, they can bring it to this challenging and growing industry where they’ll learn in clean, safe spaces, enjoy great camaraderie, and earn a good living. It’s what a career in automotive collision engineering can offer. That, and so much more.

An Opportunity Not to be Missed

On any given day, there are hundreds of job openings across the country in this field. Research performed by Collision Week found that the industry needs at least 50,000 technicians to fill vacant positions at 40,962 collision repair businesses in the United States. What’s more, this is a rapidly evolving industry that promises exciting future prospects as well as long-term career growth and stability.

Through our internship model, students experience job security and a source of income so they can focus on their education without worrying about their finances.

For each successfully completed work rotation during their first year in the program, students receive funds to pay down their tuition! That’s on top of their internship income, and means even less financial stresses for them and you!

Our programs follow the industry by enforcing the highest safety standards with our students to ensure they’re safe throughout their time in the program and have the proper safety knowledge to carry with them throughout their career.

The median salary is $56,862, with new workers starting at around $35,694 and highly experienced workers earning up to $87,321. If they’ve got a very special talent and hone a particular skill, they could earn six figures as a specialized technician.

From essential equipment to the latest welding and paintless dent repair tools, students have access to everything they need to learn in the classroom and in the shop. What’s more, they also receive a starter set of tools on day that they get to keep when they graduate!

Our colleges help students gain employment in the industry prior to graduation through professional training (i.e., resume building, interview training, etc.) so they have the skills to succeed.

We provide the most up-to-date knowledge and dedicated training, making students from our programs highly sought after in the industry and preparing them for work today as well as tomorrow. The advanced skills that students gain here are comparable to that of an engineer.

Students earn certifications that the industry demands as part of the program, which won’t just help them get hired, but could also help them earn a higher salary. The cost of these certifications is included for participating in a Collision Engineering program.


Preparing for Employment

“The program at TSTC prepared me with an excellent foundation. It was industry-focused and provided real-world, hands-on assignments and projects that allowed us to practice our skills and be ready to hit the ground running when we entered the workforce. The program exceeded my expectations. Shortly after graduating, I moved from Dallas to the Rio Grande Valley because I received a job offer from Collision Stop in Harlingen, where I’m still employed. Not only that, but after only a few months on the job, I was promoted from detailer to the company’s estimator!”