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A man wiring a car


A career in collision engineering is exciting, inspiring, challenging, and unexpected. It’s different every day, while also providing you with a steady career you can rely on in an industry that’s growing and changing quickly. What’s more, the people who work in this area are a like-minded community who’ll share your passions and goals, come to feel like family, and value camaraderie.

An Opportunity Not to be Missed

Schools are all certified military friendly, and our programs offer unique benefits to our nation’s veterans to assist them in discovering their future at home.

Schools help you gain employment in the industry prior to graduation through professional training (i.e., resume building, interview training, etc.) so if and when the time comes to find a new job, you’ll have the skills to succeed.

You’ll experience job security and a source of income so you can focus on your education without worrying about your finances.

Programs accept all forms of the GI Bill to make education for veterans or active military members as affordable as possible.


How Our Program Helped With His PTSD

"I was at a friend's shop one day working on a car and I realized that my mind, instead of focusing on problems and issues, was at ease. Since joining the program, I’ve noticed that instead of dwelling on negative stuff that happened in the past, I can focus on what I need to do next with the vehicle or what a new day at school might bring. So it’s helping. And I'm very confident I'll be a successful shop owner one day."

Veteran’s Services at Different Schools

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